Download Syllabus of Military Engineering Services in Pdf

Download syllabus of military engineering services pdf here, total syllabus of MES (military engineering services)

General Intelligence & Reasoning.

The test will include questions on analogies, similarities and differences, Visualization, problem solving analysis, Judgment, deosion making, visual memory, disoiminating observationb relationship, concepts arithmetical reasoning, verbal analysis figure classification arithmetical number series, non-verbal series etc. The test will also Include questiore designed to test candidate’s abities to deal computation and other analytical functions etc.

Numerical Aptitude.

Questions will cover number system grounding question on simplification, decimals fraction LCM, HCF, Ratio and protection, percentage Average, Profit, and Loss Discount and Simple and Compound Interest Average Profit and loss, Discount, Simple and Compound Interest, Measurement, Time and Work, Ratio and Time and Distance, Tables and Graphs, etc.

General English.

Testing of candidates on an understanding of the English Language and its Connect usage, vocabulary .grammar, sentence structure synonyms antonyms and its correct usage.

General Awareness

Questions will be designed to lest the ability of the candidate’s General Awareness of the environment around hir. and its opposition to society, Questions will also be designed to test knowledge at current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of and educated persons. The test will also include questions relating to India and its. neighboring. countries especially pertaining to support, History, Culture, Geography, Econoinoice score General polity including India Constitution, and Scientific Research, etc. These questions will be such that they do not require a special Study of any discipline etc.


Importance of lettering and numbering-Figures and proportions 15 standard Practice Canstruction of plari Geometric Figutes Unes Anges, Tangle Rhcmcus, Quadnlateraisk, poiygan etc Orthograpirc projection-Recommended methods of projections as per 15 code. Construction of cronary seate- plavi & Comparative diagonal, venne and scale chords Drawing plan and elevation of Paints, lines and surfaces &solids Canventional sings and syrntals as per 15 code for engineering drawings and builing drawings. Drawings and detalling of (I) Brik arrangements-vanpus types of bonds (II) Stone masonry & stone joints (III) Fouridatiots various types (IV) Damp proof course & Plinth protection

(v) Roof types – reinforced concrete. Madras Terrace & jack Arch (vi) Flooring types Timber flooring steed fl-caning tile flooring (vii) Inches & Linnets Carpentry joints, framing Paneling and mounding (viii) Oars Types -paneled glaze and fish door (ix) Window & ventilators (x) Pitched Root, various types King post & queen post (xi) Steel Roof Trusses (xii)Stairs-various types-wanton, steed, and residential house plan elevation and section (xiii) Single stand residential House pin elevation and section (xiv) Cross section showing different types of roads railway track embankment and layout of platform (xiv) Different types of mitigation suction (xvi) Pipelines jaunts drainage works manhads sanitary fittings form of nvet heads types of riveter jots standard steel section standard cannections AUTOCAD etc.

Supvr B/S

Mater ails Mgmt toots, ABC analyses Sale apse and Reservation of vanillas kind of Engineering stores and Basic Knowledge of computer-based data Mgmt.

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