AICTE Approval Process, Mathematics, and Physics not necessary for engineering admission

In new education system in India, Mathematics and physics are not necessary for engineering, in the lasts meeting discuss of AICTE approval process and many accepts, they take a final decision,

AICTE publish a 308 pages book which describes the full process of new institutions approval and already approved institutions, they also discuss what is done by institutions and what not, in this book they clearly mention of the engineering applications process, if you are another subject student not a physics or mathematics background you are eligible to get admission on engineering course because new education policy says many things we discuss following.

1. Grant of Approval through a single application
2. Collaboration and Twinning Programme between Indian and Foreign
University/ Institution in the field of Technical Education, Research and
3. Grant of Approval through a single application for the University
4. Vocational Education Courses under NSQF
5. Norms and Requirements
6. Penal Action in case of Violations of the Regulations/ Approval Process
7. Unapproved Institutions
8. Norms for Duration and Entry Level Qualifications and Statutory
Reservations for the Technical Programmes
9. Approved Nomenclature of Courses
10. Norms for Intake and Number of Courses/ Divisions in a new Technical
11. Norms for Land requirement and Built-up area of the Technical Institutions
12. Norms for Books, Library facilities, Computer, Software, Internet, Printers
and Laboratory Equipment for the Technical Institutions
13. Norms for Essential and Desirable requirements of the Technical
14. Norms for Faculty requirements and Cadre Ratio of the Technical
15. Faculty Cadre and Qualifications
16. Norms for PGDM Programme
17. Subscription of Journals
18. Format for Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the establishment of a new
Technical Institution
19. Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging
20. Structure of Various Committees
21. Regional Offices of AICTE
22. Grievance Redressal Mechanism
23. Recommended Composition of Board of Governors for the Technical
24. Document Submitted
25. Academic Calendar
26. Fellowship Programme in Management: Conduct and Admission

These are the above criteria discuss by AICTE Approval Process Book, in this book all criteria discuss and give the details of the AICTE application process, we discuss all process deeply and tell you how they are work, in the new education system changes are follows discuss, if you read a full book of AICTE application process download

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